Saturday, 2 May 2009

So here we go........

Frank - So tomorrow (although most of you will be reading this on Sunday - in which case today) we will set off, this has been a project 18 months in the planning. It all started with Gordon. I will miss him tomorrow he would have been very proud, Gordon was a great friend and huge supporter of the Trust. He first became involved when he contacted us with the offer of his 48ft Oyster ligthtwave yacht, Scarlet Oyster, free of charge for use during our summer. His generous donation came from his own battle with cancer and his eagerness to be involved in something positive that could help young people in the same situation. His enthusiasm for the Trust was evident to all who were lucky enough to meet him, and many will remember him cooking a breakfast of bacon sarnies for all on board, or filling up the water balloons for another attack. Gordon was instrumental in getting the Round Britain idea off the ground by pledging Scarlet to the voyage. It was therefore with great sadness that on 21 Feb 2008, following another operation, we learnt Gordon had passed away and although sadly he will no longer be part of this incredible adventure, we will set sail in Gordons memory.

So with a boat and a great idea we needed a partner, having worked with Skandia for three years as the official charity of Skandia Cowes week we were both keen to continue the relationship, we are very lucky to have their support as well as BT and the Energy Saving Trust.

We started to look for a team to run the voyage in August last year and with help from High Performance Development and Phil Hagen we ran a Selection weekend in October. We were very lucky to find Cath, Karen and Simon, they are a great team and along with Tracy, Joey and Jo we are very lucky with the people we have working for the trust.

So many other people have helped Crusader Sails, Geovoile, Musto, , UKSA, Volvo and Payne Hicks Beach. As well as many individuals Jo Summers, Capt. Peter Jackson (Rtd) and Katie Miller with the planning of the route, Dave, Carie and Rudi assisting Cath, John and Andy and their team at Southampton Yacht Services, Carl, Wez, Dan at OC Vision. Jo Grindley, Emma and Mimi at Into the Blue. Phil and Sarah Hagen with so much

But tomorrow everyones efforts wil be worth it because this voyage is all about the young people who will sail onboard and the first five of those Harriett, Jo, Jack, Rachel and Chloe will sail the first of over 2000 miles that makes all the hard work worth it.

If you would like to support them please click on the Buy a Mile link........[02/05/09 21:30]

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