Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Goodbye England Hello Scotland

So here we are in Scotland, on Monday Scarlet Oyster crossed into Scottish waters and said goodbye to England until August when she arrives into Liverpool!
The crew have had a fantastic time on Leg 6, they have seen seals, guillemots, turns gannets and puffins! As well as having great sailing weather.

One thing that has really made this voyage special for me are the people that I have met. The young people that come sailing with us are just amazing, they are so inspirational. We have also met some fantastic people in the ports that Scarlet has called into, whether its a friendly face in a marina or someone keen to help get Scarlet ready for the next leg I have been blown away by their helpfulness and kindness. There have also been some great individuals who have put so much of their own time and energy into making this voyage fantastic, organising parties, entertainment for the crew and lots of other things!

Cath and I are off back down to the Island this Thursday for Round The Island Race, I am very excited as it will be the first time this summer that I get to go sailing!!! RTI is also something that I have always wanted to do but have always been out of the country for. It will also be great to catch up with the team in Cowes and also catch up with Chloe, Hatty and Larvell who have all joined us on Round Britain and are racing round the Island with the Trust.
Scarlet will be having a few days R&R before the crew for leg 7 arrive next Thursday. Then its on to Aberdeen.

Hope to catch some of you at RTI this weekend.

Till next time


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